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Embedding Library of Science on your own webpage

The Library of Science provides easy, sustainable and free access to scientific publications with their metadata. Using the Library of Science does not require creating an account or installing any special software. Articles are made available as PDF files, and books are also available in PDF as well as in other formats such as EPUB, MOBI oraz XML.

A direct link on your website will contribute to the promotion of Polish science, journals and authors, and will also be useful for academic staff and students looking for valuable scientific literature.

You do not have to restrict yourself to adding only a static text with a link to our Platform on your webpage. Our API allows You to embed the dynamic information, i.e., automatically updated lists of publications selected to meet prescribed criteria.

This mechanism works similarly to embedding e.g., a YouTube player on your own website and consists in placing the following fragment in the code of these pages:

<script src=””>
* </script>

The above script will show on your page the list of the latest 10 articles available in the Library of Science, published by the Publisher with the specified ID. You can choose from:

  • the latest or most popular (type=latest or type=popular, the latest by default),
  • the type of the publication: articles, journals or books (publications=articles, publications=journals or publications=books, articles by default),
  • showing only certain publisher (publisher=123, the ID of the publisher can be found on webpage, where the link to the information about every publisher is shown as a number of the said publisher, like for example for publisher: Czytelnik it is 719 –; without this number the data will be collected for every publisher),
  • number of publications (limit), by default: 3, max 15,
  • the “nonce” parameter is also available, which can be useful to webmasters for more advanced use of the script

Example of using the list: