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The Library of Science is a service run by the Open Science Platform (PON) team operating as part of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling of the University of Warsaw.

Main page of the ICM UW:

Open Science Platform page:

Contact with the Open Science Platform team: lp.ud1680389350e.mci1680389350@nop1680389350

Contact in matters related to the use of the Library of Science: lp.ik1680389350uanak1680389350etoil1680389350bib@k1680389350sedpl1680389350eh1680389350

Contact for cooperation for publishers of scientific publications: lp.ik1680389350uanak1680389350etoil1680389350bib@y1680389350cwady1680389350w1680389350

Public Information Bulletin of the University of Warsaw: